Cornish Garden Landscaping

Cornish Hedge Laying

The Cornish Hedgerow is an internationally significant landscape feature. The vegetation on these structures is an integral element of the hedges and their longevity. To ensure the ongoing survival of these structures proper hedge laying allows the hedge to continue in its purpose for a much longer period. It reduces the risk of collapse of the stone structure and allows for an attractive boundary for years to come.

Stone walling Cornwall

 Cornish Garden Landscaping has years of experience in Cornwall stone walling and Cornish hedging, right down to the native species that grows on them. Using granite and slate, we specialise in building retaining walls, garden terracing, wall and Cornwall hedge restoration and also raised boarders and steps.


Turfing and Lawn care

Cornish Garden Landscaping use only high quality seeded turf from Cornwall ensuring you have the perfect lawn. We use several suppliers of seed to enable establishment in the most hostile of locations in Cornwall. With years of experience landscaping Cornwall we can ensure the best results for your lawn and garden, from a bowling green finish to a wildflower or wild grasses meadow.


Wildlife Landscaping

Woodland and garden planting Wildlife gardens do not have to always look wild. Using the correct ornamental and native plants they can look very attractive and can be as affective as a native hedge in providing vital food and shelter for small mammals and insects

Garden Fencing Cornwall

 The harsh climate in Cornwall means that Cornwall's fences have to be constructed in a manner to withstand these conditions. We have the experience to ensure your fences will stand up to the elements.



Landscaping Cornwall